Splňujeme kritéria certifikátu ISO 9001


F&B COMPANY s.r.o. received international certification about the implementation and utilisation of quality management EN ISO 9001 : 2008 and improves and develops its ways of managing the company for the benefit of its employees and customers in accordance with this binding norm.

 The company has also set out the following aims for itself:

  • To adjust the assortment of the goods it offers-electronic security systems- to the requirements of the market with a focus upon the ultimate consumers in the current enlargement of the assortment, increase in quality requirements and usability of the goods along with the improvement, enlargement and increase in quality of services linked with the sale of the goods to customers.
  • To improve the quality of and enlarge the elements of infrastructure including SW equipment.
  • To increase the level of eligibility of customers.
  • To create the optimal conditions for protecting the environment and adhering to rules related to this area and protecting health at work.
  • To develop and improve the method of running the organisation through implementing the principles of the international ISO 9001 standards (fulfilling customer requirements, constant improvements in organisation etc.) in the entire organisation and in all activities.

The company also has the Quality Management System (QMS), which it does not only implement yet also constantly improves. Within the framework of this management system, the company mostly focuses on management processes, realisation of products, management of resources and process improvements. The aim is to ensure customer satisfaction with our services.

F&B COMPANY s.r.o., which has been active on the Czech market for longer than 14 years, is exclusively focused on quality. This does not only refer to the quality of products, yet also of processes and relations with customers, suppliers and employees. The company constantly tries to improve its services and relationship with its surroundings. Its perspective development confirms it has chosen the right path.

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